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Garage Door Safety

Garage doors are like any entrance to your home. You wouldn’t leave the front door wide open, so why leave your garage door open? It is easy to get distracted while doing yard work or sitting outside watching the kids play. Maybe you’re in the backyard doing yard work, but leave your garage open. This could be an open invitation for thieves, and if you’re like me, there’s a lot of junk in the garage, but some of that junk has value. Be sure to take cautious steps to protect your belongings and home. If you’re going to leave the garage door open, make sure you have a clear view of it at all times, and if not, that at least the door to your house is locked. If you’re going away on vacation, or even just for extra precaution at night, lock your garage door. It’s simple and could save a lot of damage and money. Also, be weary if leaving cars unlocked or the windows down, as many thieves know this is easy access to the garage door...